Biology in Space
9th March 2017 17:30, Irchel Y16 G05

Panel discussion and company visit next day

Parabolic flights and sending experiments into space are part of a unique area of research that many propose hold the solutions to resolving cancer and inflammation. Not only are microgravity studies essential for the health of astronauts, but studies have found that cells may undergo favourable reactions while under zero gravity.  How will the future of medicine benefit when these studies enter the mainstream?



17:30-18:30 Scientific and industrial prospective on biology in space


Invited speakers:

Dr. Ruth Hemmersbach (German Aerospace Center, Cologne)

Dr. Anupam Sengupta (ETH, Zurich)

Dr. Bernd Rattenbacher (BIOTESC, Luzern)


18:30-19:00 Panel discussion

19:00 Apero


Company visit: BIOTESC Luzern March 10th 10:00

Participation is limited. Transport is covered.

e-mail: to reserve a spot by March 7th


Location: University of Zurich Irchel Campus Y16 G 05

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